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She isn’t a “homewrecker.” That’s the message Hailey Glassman, who two years ago was thrust into tabloid fame over her relationship with Jon Gosselin, is trying to get across as a contestant on CMT’s reality dating show “Sweet Home Alabama.” Glassman, one of 22 female suitors vying for the heart of Tribble Reese — the runner up from the show’s first season — is trying to shed the “false image” she’s been branded with.“I was never a homewrecker; everything that the media has portrayed me as is false, from the littlest to the biggest things.“Going into this house I figured the city girls would know.Never did I think these girls from the deep south would know who I was.

Those are the type of guys I’ve dated in the past, the type of guys my friends are. There’s laughs and there’s been crying in just about every episode.

Boys will be boys and they’re all living in a house together, so I really can’t hold it against them that there’s some drama there.

I’m sure it’s tough on them.” And although the University of Alabama junior is naturally more at ease around down home boys who drive a pick-up and hunt on the weekends, she is confident that a romance with a sophisticated urban dweller is definitely do-able.

I had no idea I would be verbally attacked at first,” Glassman says.

Glassman came into the house wanting to clear her name, but the whole concept of the show — and of course Reese — led her down the road to become a reality TV starlet of her own.

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