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The action normally follows the words of some form of disbelief.

Spitting for the Greek culture is a way of detracting any form of evil presence, taking the jinx off something and basically not tempting fate."Mum, my new job is going really well! " Mum to me: "You look so beautiful in that dress" Me: "Ftiseeeeee Maaaaaa! When we have instinct to spit, to 'protect' someone and we don't spit, it doesn't feel right. So careful we have the equivalent of fourteen eyes. In particular, my Gran's favourite move: the thigh slap.

The romantic country of Greece is known for its unique Greek Orthodox marriage ceremonies filled with symbolism.

But marriages are proceeded by a time of courtship.

It successfully hosted the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens.

Marriages in ancient Greece were arranged by the parents of the intended bride and groom.

A financial arrangement was made between the families in the form of a dowry.

Being married to anyone takes effort, hard work, patience and understanding but being in a close relationship with anyone outside of your own culture is all of this...some more!

I don't know how far my own situation reflects other non-Greek women who have fallen in love and thrown in their lot with their Greek man.

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In 1967, a group of military officers seized power, establishing a military dictatorship that suspended many political liberties and forced the king to flee the country.