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Dating workshops vancouver

As your coach I will give you the roadmap that will move you forward to attain your goals and live a clearer, happier life with a deeper understanding of love, relationships and the opposite sex.: Photographic images accompanying the text on these pages are used by special arrangement with the Vancouver Public Library.

I’ve studied or attended hundreds () of hours of dating and relationship books, videos, workshops, seminars, webinars and the like for years; I’ve interviewed hundreds of singles and couples about their dating and relationship experiences; but more than all that—I’ve what I’ve studied. Envision remote Canadian logging camps in Western Canada with only lumberjacks, grizzly bears and trees for company. My sheltered childhood surrounded by filthy-minded, good-hearted “loggers” gave me early insight to the innate male mind. Some shitty things happened early on that also added extreme insecurity and low self-esteem to the mix.

Aside from the fact that I think all dating advice is a load of crap, I really can't deal with a recent Van City Buzz article, ostensibly written by a dating coach, titled "How Women Can Take The Initiative And Approach Men In Vancouver."The post makes the assumption that all women are submissive, quiet, and shy (clearly the author has not met my friend Kristen), essentially concluding that we as a gender need help, not only approaching potential partners, but also taking charge of our lives.

In reality, women are kicking ass all over the place. Whether or not a person has the gusto to approach a total stranger is hardly a testament to his or her character.

While I appreciate that the author's advice is about human interaction as opposed to just telling us to go on Tinder -- because NO I WILL NOT -- I find most of it offensive, ridiculous, or some combination of both.

Ignoring the handful of spelling and grammar mistakes (that just seems too easy at this point), I've highlighted and dissected some of the article's most bizarre passages. That's some crazy gender role breaking concept, but why can't a woman take the initiative?

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Sure, many women still like the traditional man-takes-charge dynamic, but women approaching men is hardly new or groundbreaking. Instead of hoping a knight in shining armor may show up it just may be time for Vancouver women to dawn the armor themselves. Some women have it, some don't; just like some men have it and some don't.

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