Ethan ruan and chen qiao en dating colombian dating customs

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This is a huge problem to their viewing for foreigners!!! When he suspects Fang Zi Hao, a famous singer, trying to steal his girlfriend, he beats the living daylight out of Fang.

Surprisingly, the half year-old relationship is rumored to have already ended.He is sometimes credited as Juan Ching-Tien or Ruan Jing-Tian.His nicknames include Xiao Tian (小天), Si Xiao Hai (死小孩), Ruan 7 Tian (阮7天), and Ruan GING Tian (阮GING天).Joe Chen wrote a blog entry on February 11th saying, “I think, (I can) leave now, and not to come back anymore... Don’t link me and him together anymore.” She stressed that they are only friends who got along during filming.They haven’t interacted since the drama ended, and they were never together.

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However, despite proving promising, Juan's career failed to take off.