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Quicken not updating quotes

and writes a dummy OFX file for importing into Microsoft Money. I created a new Investment account in Money called Dummy Investment.Being a Python newbie, I’m sure the script can be made much more elegant, but what I have now works. I ran the script, which imported a dummy statement with the current prices into the Dummy Investment account.Intuit, the company who originally made Quicken, sold the Quicken product to HIG Capital, a private equity company.Intuit is concentrating on cloud and online services with its popular (and free) website as well as its Quickbooks product for small business. Quicken and Mint, despite having functionality, were never integrated over the seven year period after Intuit acquired Mint in 2009.Depending on how you set them up in Money, ETFs can be either stocks or mutual funds. Follow the prompts with a few more clicks and you are done.Because it simulates importing a statement from a broker, Microsoft Money will only update the prices once per day.

Sites such as YNAB have also gained a lot of traction.However, if you have holdings in accounts that do not provide transaction download, the prices for those holdings are still not updated.With the help of a book from the library, Learning Python, and a lot of Googling, I came up with a new script that gets the quotes from Yahoo!There is a newer version of Quicken out there, and I have reviewed Quicken 2016 as well.I am using the full blow Quicken Home & Business, so this is the full-blown version (of Quicken 2015 Canadian Edition).

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This always worries the hell out of me, so it would be very prudent to make sure that you do a full back up of your Quicken files before you do the upgrade.

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