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The Bruner farm was settled in the 1840s, and family lore suggests the bucket might have been used by Confederate General John Hunt Morgan and his soldiers during their incursion into Indiana in 1863 during the Civil War.George Ade, distinguished humorist from Purdue, and Harry Kurrie, president of the Monon Railroad, representing Indiana, formally introduced the Old Oaken Bucket in 1925.One of the oldest and most prestigious football rivalry trophies in the nation, the Old Oaken Bucket has been presented annually to the winner of the Purdue-Indiana game since 1925.The Chicago alumni groups of both schools came up with the idea for a traveling trophy, and Russell Gray of Purdue and Clarence Jones of Indiana were given the task of finding an appropriate object.Dating back to the 1960s, NARP’s Golden Spike honors work done to advance the cause of a robust national rail system in the U. It has been given to celebrities, elected officials, and others who have made important contributions to passenger rail service.Going back to the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad in 1869, golden spikes were used by railroads in ceremonies to mark the completion of important projects.This award, named after the late long-time (volunteer) President of NARP, is given at the sole discretion of the Chairman and President of NARP to individuals who have given many years of exceptional service to our cause and to America's rail travelers.This award is given on occasion to students and young people who demonstrate exceptional leadership, initiative, or passion in making meaningful improvements in the train travel experience or in citizen advocacy for an expanded and improved passenger train network.

The fifth victim in Golden Hill was also attacked with a railroad spike.A rail fastening system is a means of fixing rails to railroad ties (North America) or sleepers (British Isles, Australasia, and Africa).The terms rail anchors, tie plates, chairs and track fasteners are used to refer to parts or all of a rail fastening system.A track structure used at the intersection of two running rails to provide support for wheels and passageways for their flanges, thus permitting wheels on either rail to cross over the rails (you'll see this again when we talk about turnouts and crossings).The ratio of rise and fall of the grade line to its length (typically measured in percent grade.

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The Boilermakers and Hoosiers subsequently battled to a 0-0 on Nov.

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