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To dine like an insider, you have to sit at the chef’s counter.

And that is certainly not true; the Top of the Hub is popular because it is a classic!

Snacks and more wine are always available to purchase.

Check out their calendar of classes to choose your favorite!

Want to break a sweat and push your fear of heights a little with your date? The gym is modeled after the popular American Ninja Warrior show, and includes climbing walls, massive nets, trampolines, and other obstacles.

This date is perfect for the ultra-competitive couple.

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Diners can experience the richness of Chinese culinary heritage presented in superior quality doubled with impeccable service at Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck Restaurant. - Transfer Peking Duck from 1 plate to the other on your table, your dish gets messy while you are enjoying your food. - Prepare cake and insert entire candle into the cake.. There's certainly room for improvement on their service.