Are essien nadia still dating

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Are essien nadia still dating

The confirmation that Essien and Akosua are now officially husband and wife with two lovely children residing in the UK has sparked a debate on why and when he actually quit with Nadia.Essien’s breaking up with Nadia reached the media almost at a time he was speculated to be dating Akosua.Another grapevine debate on Essien’s marriage is a comparison between Nadia and Akosua.Questions are being asked on which of the two appears more beautiful on the outside, which of the two has a better inner beauty and attitude and which of the two would make a better wife for the footballer.

I didn't want to blog on this because I tought it was an empty rumour.

The essien nadia buari dump because he's so clueless and unattractive...puhahahaha!

I knew our polished Ghanaian actress Nadia Buari to be dating Essien in the past, Then we heard of her relationship with Nonso the Nigerian actor. I would prefer Nadia to have still been with Essien but it's too late because Akosua Puni, who was Essien's PR paa has grabbed Essien for herself.

Essien was married to Dela contrast to Us all thinking they were just "dating". Whatever the case, i hope i have shed some light on this issue because i still can't get my head around it…not like i care…okay i do!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Essien however left Dela for Nadia and apparently Dela is now filing for Divorce in Ghana.6. Why is Nadia going around still saying she is engaged when she has been dumped a long time ago (confused) or she has already moved on?

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